Do you support the Brain Tumour Charity?

The Brain Tumour Charity has published its Manifesto for Change and I’m calling on all my Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to pledge their support in three key areas where change will have the biggest impact:

  1. DATA – Make sure charities can access the patient health data they need to transform lives through research. Candidates should commit to ensure all research charities have access to health data free or at cost.
  2. EQUAL ACCESS - End the postcode lottery to ensure equal access to the best treatments and care. Candidates should commit to eradicating differences in the quality of care offered to people diagnosed with a brain tumour, ensuring every UK neuroscience centre provides treatment of the highest standard.
  3. NHS WORKFORCE – Make sure the NHS has enough staff with the right skills to ensure brain tumour patients have the best standards of treatment and care. Candidates should commit to increased investment to enable the NHS to train and employ more neurological staff, ensuring everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour has access to a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

The Brain Tumour Charity has published its Manifesto for change and I urge you to find out more here:

I hope that you’re willing to stand up for people with brain tumours and our call for change. Please demonstrate your support by signing The Brain Tumour Charity online pledge:



When I'm not being a politician, my day-job is driving around South East Cornwall to teach maths and science at home to children who are too unwell to attend school. Several of my students have suffered from brain tumours and other forms of cancer, so I am absolutely aware of the pain and suffering that this awful disease can cause both to patients and their families.

Many charities do great work in this area so I support the principle that data should be made available to them, rather than treated as an "asset to generate profit" by private companies.

I am also extremely concerned that patients in Cornwall are missing out on essential treatments for all kinds of conditions because NHS Kernow has not been allocated the correct amount of funding: I have uncovered evidence that we are receiving £109 million less than the "NHS Fairer Shares" formula says we are due. I have also met with the Chief Executives of NHS Kernow, RCHT, CPFT and Derriford who all agree that workforce is their number one concern, even above funding.

I have a policy of not signing pledges which are beyond my personal control to deliver: the success of this campaign will depend on how many successful candidates share these aims, but I hope you can see that I am very much in favour of the goals of the Brain Tumour Charity.

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