Do you support trade democracy?

Whatever happens with Brexit after this election, I want to know that any new UK trade deals - including with the US - won’t damage the livelihoods of people living in poverty around the world.

If you are elected, please will you support:

• Impact assessments on all new trade deals so we know how they will affect people and planet
• Parliament to debate and vote on any new deal.


I am still holding out a hope that Brexit can be avoided, but if it does go ahead, we must make sure all trade deals are properly scrutinised by Parliament.

It has been remarkably difficult to find out whether the "2021 deal" will require a meaningful vote in Parliament: Sheryll Murray said at the NFU hustings that there would not be any vote at all after the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is signed. In other words, a Conservative majority on Thursday will give Boris Johnson a blank cheque for the EU negotiations on the long-term deal.
Impact assessments of the triple-bottom-line seem like an eminently sensible idea.
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