Campaigns cost money!

The Mail, Telegraph, Express Sun and Mirror are delivered to the homes of millions of voters every day, carrying the messages of our political opponents.

But we can't rely on the press to tell our story to the voters, so we have to do it ourselves. 

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great for spreading messages quickly, so if you follow our pages and share our posts, you can make a real difference without even leaving your armchair. However, in order to make sure our posts reach people who aren't already friends with Lib Dems, we need to "boost" our posts, and this costs money.

Royal Mail

Even the best social media campaign can't reach those who don't use social media! Royal Mail will deliver leaflets to all 38,000 homes in SE Cornwall, but this comes at a cost of around £5,000.

Delivering leaflets by hand saves on postage, but printing the leaflets costs money (around £1,400 for 38,000)

Direct mail, targeted to mention issues which we know to be of interest to the individual named on the envelope, is a very powerful tool, but this is even more expensive.