How would you support the NHS?

Nearly 1 million people have signed the petition from Keep Our NHS Public calling for our NHS to be kept out of a US trade deal. I’m urging you to sign this pledge to make that happen.

"I pledge to protect our NHS from trade deals with new legislation which ends privatisation"

Thank you so much if you've already signed. This means that I can trust you to protect our health service.

We’ve been told that it’s ‘not on the table’ - but words are not enough.

Because the NHS in England has already been opened up to private companies, it is vulnerable to automatic inclusion in trade deals. We know that 18% of the NHS’ budget is currently spent on contracts with private providers. Companies like VirginCare are already providing NHS services.

84% of us support a publicly owned NHS. As things stand, the only way to protect our NHS is by introducing new legislation which reverses existing privatisation. Here’s a short briefing explaining why this is the case. 

My family and friends, your potential constituents, rely on the NHS. I care deeply about it. I’m writing today to ask you as a candidate to be my MP, please will you pledge to do all you can to protect the NHS from a trade deal?




              I know that every one of us relies on the NHS to provide us with compassionate, professional medical attention which is free at the time we need it. As Vice Chair of Cornwall Council's Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee, I have been working for several years to ensure that local services are being managed appropriately and effectively. My first-hand experience of how national decisions impact on local services will inform my actions as your MP. 

I have signed the petition because I believe that it gives a strong message to future policy makers on a single issue and this is something I can fully commit to. I am an active member of Keep Our NHS Public, which is the organisation which created the petition. I host the Cornwall branch meetings in Lostwithiel, which happen every two months. I use this forum to talk with other concerned members of the public so that I can honestly advocate on behalf of the community. 

I have raised concerns about contracts being opened up to private providers and called for the requirement to include private companies on short-lists to be removed. Service Commissioners should be free to award contracts to public-sector organisations without fear of being sued by private companies. I have challenged Sheryll Murray face-to-face on this issue and she refuses to offer this protection from the private sector.
I know that we've got a great team of leaders in place across Cornwall's NHS at the moment. The cooperation and collaboration between senior managers far better than it was three years ago, and this is what has kept our local system afloat in the face of sustained under-funding. Any major restructuring of the health service would throw all these influential relationships into turmoil, just when they are in a positive place.  This is one reason why I am opposed to Labour's plans for a top-down restructure. The NHS is an organisation full of committed professionals who need to be truly represented and trusted, not micro-managed from Whitehall.
My hesitancy about major change is supported by the NHS. These are their recommendations to Government and Parliament for an NHS Bill  


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