Legalisation of cannabis

Before I make my mind up who to vote for in the forthcoming General Election I would appreciate if you could let me know your stance concerning the legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis.

In November 2018, medicinal cannabis was legalised in certain circumstances, but access remains very difficult, with fewer than 100 prescriptions issued in the first six months. This is clearly wrong. If a drug is legal and the patient can benefit from it, there should not be unreasonable barriers in the way.
The broader topic of legalisation for recreational use is too big to do it justice in a quick email, but broadly I think that the whole criminalisation of drugs has been counterproductive: We spend billions punishing people in ways which seem to drive them further into despair, whilst failing to treat the underlying pain which caused them to turn to drugs in the first place. Worse still, the creation of a black market incentivises criminals to drive up demand, rewards them with huge profits and pushes addicts towards crime to fund their habits.
I think we have a lot to learn from other countries where drug use has been seen as a public health issue rather than a crime.
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