Health & Social Care

The NHS is at breaking point. Social Care is in crisis. This is the consequence of a decade of Tory austerity.

The Liberal Democrats are demanding better for health and social care...

Conservative cuts to front-line services have left millions of people facing long delays for the care they need.

Cuts to training have led to a shortage of 200,000 staff.

Cuts to Public Health mean less help for people to live healthy lives, just when we need it the most.

Whilst the Government is consumed by Brexit, they have failed to come up with a plan to make social care affordable, meaning that millions of people are being forced to use their life savings to pay for care, simply because they were unlucky enough to get the wrong type of illness.

A Liberal Democrat Values:

Liberty means having the freedom to do what you want and reach your potential. Sickness and disability threaten this freedom, so a properly funded health and social care system is a top priority for Liberal Democrats.

Liberty for health and care staff means trusting the professionals who care for us, giving them the freedom to do what they can see is best for patients, not controlling them from London or giving power to private companies.

Democracy means giving local people a genuine voice in the system, with the power to hold staff to account when things go wrong.

A Liberal Democrat Health and Care Service:

An end to austerity. Investment in Public Health. More training places. A fair funding system to ensure that nobody has to worry about losing their life savings to pay for social care. Staff who feel valued and are proud to be part of the NHS and Social Care system.

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