Should I vote for you or Labour to get rid of Sheryll Murray?

I am troubled by the approaching dilemma of whether to vote for you or the labour candidate.
Like so many people I am a liberal moderate ( with green tendencies ) and of course pro- remain but what I want most is Tories out of power.
With you and Mr Derrick standing,  there is no chance of getting Mrs Murray out of office, which seems such a waste at an unprecedented election opportunity
Please can you consider the greater cause of weakening the Tories and that one of the two of you should stand down , I have of course emailed him too in the interests of fairness .
I presume you are talking with the local greens to stop them standing anyone which would reduce the chance even more ( despite their worthy cause)
Many thanks for reading this



The dilemma you face is one that is shared by millions across the country due to our bizarre First Past The Post voting system. I hope that one day we will get a government which delivers proportional representation so that people can vote for their first choice, not the least-worst of the two front-runners.
In the meantime, the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Plaid Cymru have agreed not to oppose each other in 60 key seats. Unfortunately Labour have a policy of never entering into any such deals. They have, however, stated that Camborne, Truro and St Austell are their top three targets in Cornwall, so it is clear that they know internally that they cannot win in SE Cornwall. And yet, such is the faith of their activists in the power of Jeremy Corbyn that they continue to tell voters that they are going to win here.
Whilst it is true that in 2017 they just beat us to second place, their candidate has barely been seen in Cornwall since then, whereas I have been very active across the constituency, using my platform as a Cornwall Councillor to highlight the issues of NHS under-funding and road safety on the A38, whilst campaigning to cut the Tamar Tolls and take bold action to tackle the climate emergency. The Lib Dems poll ratings have almost doubled since 2017 whilst Labour have fallen by around 10%. So whilst we were almost neck-and-neck last time around, it is crystal clear that the Lib Dems are the only party that can challenge the Conservatives in South East Cornwall.
Whilst there is obviously a wide range of political views in South East Cornwall, the "centre of gravity" is the moderate centre-right. Most people dislike the extreme behaviour of the right-wing Conservative Government, but they are even more horrified at the idea of a hard-left Labour Government. The only way to beat the extreme-right here is to pull together in the centre. Supporting the Labour party just scares centre-right voters into supporting the Conservative.
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