Colin Martin - Standing up for South East Cornwall

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Climate Emergency

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A38 Safety Upgrades

£109m for NHS Kernow sent elsewhere

Cut the Tamar and Torpoint Tolls

Reverse school cuts

Who can win in South East Cornwall?

Our crazy voting system means that MPs are often elected with less than 50% of the vote because their opposition is divided between several parties. The Brexit party have already teamed up with the Conservatives to strengthen their vote, but the Lib Dems, Labour and Greens are standing against one another, even though they all agree that anyone would be better than our current MP!

National opinion polls don't tell the whole story: In South East Cornwall, Labour typically get 20% less than their national vote share, whilst the Lib Dems typically get 10-15% more than their national vote share. 

You can see the latest national polls here: Electoral Calculus

The prediction for South East Cornwall is here: Electoral Calculus SE Cornwall

For Labour to finish ahead of the Lib Dems here, they need to be 30-35% AHEAD in the national opinion polls.