Tortured people have no-one to advocate for them, will you?

I am deeply concerned that the rights the United Kingdom have championed and fought for over the past few decades are now being eroded.

This general election, I am asking you to publicly protect the rights of torture survivors and asylum seekers by signing Freedom from Torture’s declaration to make the UK a safe place for people fleeing torture and to stand against those who condone it.

You can sign it here:

Specifically, I ask you to pledge to the following:

1. Be proud to offer safety to people forced to flee their homes because of torture.
2. Ensure a fair system that gets decisions on asylum claims right first time. The people making decisions about peoples' lives must not reject them unfairly and send them back to torture.
3. Give people who have been tortured the chance to rebuild their lives and become part of our society. To do this, it must help them access therapy, healthcare, education, legal support and a safe and secure home.
4. Not lock-up people who have already suffered terrible abuse. Survivors of torture should never be detained for immigration purposes.
5. Stand up to governments and our leaders when they commit or enable torture or turn a blind eye to it. Torture destroys peoples' lives. We believe that trade agreements should never take priority over people’s rights. Nothing can ever justify torture.

In light of recent allegations of torture abroad and the attempts by our politicians to cover it up, I want my MP to lead the way in standing up for human rights.

I want to live in a country that believes in compassion and fairness. A country that is certain that torture is always wrong and stands up against it worldwide. A country that is always on the side of people who have survived or are facing torture.

Please join me in the fight defending our values and standing up for the rights of those who have suffered at the hands of torturers across the world.



                  I am strongly committed to protecting human rights, including opposing the use of torture and supporting refugees from torture and other human rights violations from around the world.

As your MP I will advocate for decision-making on asylum claims to be dealt with by a new body, which would make decisions and administer individual migration applications.  This would separate it from the Home Office, where it has become subject to heavy politicisation. Civil service staff would have different training about immigration decisions, with emphasis on proper diligence and prompt judgements. This new body's performance targets would be based on a low level of appeals not the number of refusals which would generate a very different working culture. 

I will campaign for the closure of seven of the nine remaining UK detention centres and insist that detention becomes an absolute last resort. I am committed to healing and integrating survivors of torture, who could become influential advocates for fairness and justice in our country.

I will work to end the use of torture throughout the world. I would ask for a full inquiry into the UK Government’s involvement in torture and rendition. I could never prioritise trade or industry over human rights. I am committed to upholding the Human Rights Act and preventing any UK withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Most importantly, by preventing Brexit, the UK will also remain a regional and global leader in the fight for human rights.

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