What are your views on fox hunting?


I am asking this to find out your views of fox hunting, like the majority of the British public, I care deeply about animal welfare and support the Hunting Act 2004 which bans fox hunting in England and Wales.

There have been many attempts to both weaken and repeal the ban. However, the last election showed that it is time to move on from these threats and secure the future of the hunting ban.

85% of the British public support the ban on fox hunting, including 81% in rural areas (Ipsos Mori, 2017).

With wild animals still being chased and killed by hunts despite the ban, there is also growing recognition of the need to close the loopholes open to exploitation by those who act against the spirit of the law.

Polling of the British public shows that 79% of those who expressed a view support making hunting foxes when ‘trail’ hunting illegal whether intentional or otherwise. 74% of those who expressed a view support prison sentences for illegal hunting. (YouGov, 2019)

A briefing on the issues can be read at the following address:

As a voter who treasures British wildlife and the natural environment, I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out this survey to help inform voters of your views.

Survey: www.league.org.uk/candidate-survey


            I too care deeply about animal welfare. Broadly speaking I support proper enforcement of the existing law, and whilst I am open to the idea of tightening up loopholes if they are being abused, my priorities are stopping Brexit, tackling the climate emergency and getting a fair share of funding for Cornwall's public services, including wildlife crime investigators. If time in Parliament is limited, I would want to deal with these issues first.       

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