Tackling the Climate Emergency Together

Climate change is an emergency: That means we all need to take immediate action to prevent catastrophic consequences.

As individuals, we need to change the way we heat and power our homes, the way we travel, what we eat, what we wear and what we buy. It can seem overwhelming, so my advice is to pick one thing to change, then focus all your efforts on that until you're ready for more.

As communities, we can support one another by sharing ideas and experiences, and taking action together.

I have used my position on Cornwall Council to push for a Cornwall-wide target to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. This will include measures to make new houses carbon-neutral, to insulate existing buildings, to increase the availability of electric vehicle charging points and to plant over 1 million trees.

But all of these local efforts could happen so much more quickly if we had a Government that recognised this is an emergency situation: The Conservative plans for carbon reduction are simply too little, too late.

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